The Tokushima Yokai Matsuri

The Tokushima Yokai Matsuri happens near the Hiraga Shrine in Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture. It’s a special event that shows the magical world of Yokai, which are creatures from Japanese stories. Yokai can be tricky spirits or scary creatures. This festival is at Kamimyo Elementary School, where they make Yokai stories feel real.

A big part of the festival is the Yokai march. Colorful creatures walk through the school, and it’s exciting for people of all ages. There’s also the Yokai Mikoshi parade, where people carry a special shrine with Yokai designs, making the event feel spiritual.

The food at the festival is all about the local tastes of Tokushima. You can try special dishes from the area, making it a tasty experience along with the Yokai stories. There’s also a unique yokai band playing music, adding a fun soundtrack to the day.