Izumo-Taisha : meet with the gods

Izumo Taisha is a Shinto sanctuary located in the Shimane Prefecture in Japan and is one of the oldest and most venerated in the country. It is dedicated to Okuninushi no Mikoto, a deity associated with prosperity, love, and healing. The sanctuary is renowned for its peculiar architecture, characterized by its roof made of thatch and its massive pillars, creating a mystical and holy atmosphere.

Every year, in October, the Kaminashizuki event held at the sanctuary is a celebration that attracts pilgrims and visitors worldwide. Kaminashizuki, literally meaning “The Month Without Gods,” is a period of the year when Shinto gods/divinities gather at the sanctuary. According to tradition, gods from all over Japan go to Izumo Taisha during this month to discuss godly business and make important decisions about the country’s destiny.

During this period, the sanctuary is extremely lively, with special rituals, traditional dances, and festivities. Visitors can attend unique ceremonies and experience the spiritual energy that flows over the place. Kaminashizuki provides a special occasion to dive into the rich culture and spirituality of Japan.