Stamp Paste for Hanko

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This is Nikko Jirushi kneaded vermilion paste, a high-quality seal paste, that uses environmentally friendly organic pigments.

This paste is not based on alcohol like normal liquid stamp ink and doesn’t dry out or harden during long-term storage. There is no need to re-knead or clean it before use. (Though, it may be affected by external factors so it should be stored in an environment where external factors such as mold and dust does not affect it) .

Nikko Jirushi paste uses organic pigments that do not harm the natural environment. and does not contain any heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium (for production from October 2012 onwards).

Precautions for use
The amount of oil and coloring pigment contained in vermilion ink decreases with repeated use, and if a considerable amount is used, the imprint becomes faint. It is possible to use it for a longer time by re-kneading the paste regularly in order the oil and coloring pigments are evenly distributed.

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